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Kayak Fishing
Photos taken while kayak fishing
Fat girl King Mackerel full of roe, on the gaff.
Cravelle Jack while fishing for bait on a Sabiki rig.
Unhooking an Amberjack for CPR
Horse-Eyed Jack while speed jigging
Reviving a sailfish on a motorized Kayak.
The Little Tunny that caught the Wahoo.  The remains of two more were also found in the gut.
Sailfish off SE Florida
JackCravelle is a tough fighting fish that lacks table value.  Often a spoiler for an anticipated other specie.
Black Grouper - about to be released (Out of season)
Stoked to get a big Rainbow Runner
Reviving a Sailfish
Red Grouper crossed off the bucket list
Barracuda ate the bait off my Sabiki and got hooked in the process
PB Barracuda for 2022
Mutton Snapper on a speed jig
Catch and Release Amberjack
Federal Reg - It is illegal to remove a billfish from the water that is intended for release in the Atlantic.
Blackfin Tuna taken on a vertical jig, on the gaff about to be landed.
Black Grouper on a speed jig.
Summer King Mackerel taken on live bait trolled deep off a downrigger.
Wahoo coming over the rail of a Pro Angler 14
Trashcan slam winner, PB Cuda 25lbs
Freshly gaffed Cobia being held down until it can be spiked.
Double Strike of King Mackerel: One on the jig and the second on a large Bar Jack.
Toro, taken while fishing at night for bait.

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