View Full Version : BBW Feb 6th Huntington Harbor

01-18-2010, 08:55 AM
Big Bass Weigh in

7 am start time Sea Bridge Park, $5 buy in jackpot. Biggest bass to swim off after 11AM weigh in on the beach wins it. Artificials only.

01-18-2010, 11:35 AM
I've never fished a tourney before - is a live well required/needed?

If not - what's the best way to keep the fish healthy enough to release after weigh in? Or is it the honor system? If so, can I go last... because "The first lie never stands a chance" :D


01-18-2010, 03:05 PM
Bass are hardy. Although recommended, a live well is not a necessity. A bucket and pitcher to replenish the water once in a while would suffice. I weigh the bass at the waters edge and they have to swim off to count. I just don't want to kill bass just for sport.

02-05-2010, 08:51 AM
Forecast right now is a 50% chance of showers and rain in the PM so we will be fishing, bring your $5 and poncho:D

02-06-2010, 10:08 AM
so Iceman what happened? :(

lets have the BBW next weekend? :sifone: