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Saba Slayer 05-18-2017 10:30 AM

Battle of the Bays Round 2...
Battle of the Bays Round 2…

The Second Round of the Battle of the Bays CCA CAL kayak tournaments will be in Santa Monica Bay on June 10th at the King Harbor Yacht Club from 7am to 1pm. You can register at the iAngler site or you can go to www.battleofthebays.com for info.
We have 26 signed-up as of Thursday the 18th, and we expect another 40 or 50 to launch again on that Saturday morning. Please be part of the fun and support CCA CAL !:cheers1:

This King Harbor tournament should produce more and bigger fish than the Mission Bay event as the exit into open water is much closer and it’s quicker to access deep water and structure spots. You can fish inside or outside the harbor and once again live bait will be allowed. :reel:
As before will have the bass CPR format for Calico’s, Sandies, and Spotties on the iAngler app.
We will also have a Big Fish Side Pot with a $20 entry fee and an 80% cash payout. You can enter the side pot while registering on the morning of the event for $20 cash.
There is a new division for the heaviest bag of three rockfish and the largest rockfish caught on an AHI jig or Squirt Rig. You must be in line for the weigh-in by 1pm to be eligible.

If you need a hawg trough, Andy at OEX Sunset Beach has a few in stock…if he runs out please contact me as I have a few also.

The NON-MANDITORY Captain’s meeting will be on June 3rd at Baja Fish Gear in Lomita from 1pm to 3pm. Kevin Nakada from Hobie will be providing some more of those cool Hobie camo bags for the captain’s bags and some more Hobie swag. There will also be some Big Hammer swim baits, a sample of Get Some Lubricants, a scent sample, a Promar hat, an Aftco and Grundens drink coozie, lots of CCA info and various stickers, including some more of One Cool Tuna’s “reel line weight” stickers in the bags.

On Saturday June 3rd I’ll be at King Harbor for a 6:30am launch to familiarize any new anglers to the King Harbor area and a give a quick tour of the outside spots. We’ll be launching from the hand launch area near the small sportfishing pier.
Baja Fish Gear in Lomita is only a few miles from King Harbor so you should be able to pre-fish that morning and still make the 1pm Captain’s meeting.

The launch for our event at the yacht club is really easy as you can see from the photos.

erickp 05-18-2017 06:27 PM

I've tried to launch out of there but the guy in the front said is a private launch

Saba Slayer 05-19-2017 01:11 PM

Yes the yacht club is a private launch and we will have it to ourselves on Saturday the 10th. for our tournament. :luxhello:

We will have a shotgun start so everyone will need to be in front of the yacht club at 7am...and you need to check-in and get your shirt, marker, and Cedros Drawing Ticket and pay for the Big Fish Side Pot.

The alternate launch is from this area near the "Lagoon" swim area and behind the small break wall next to the small sportfishing pier. You can drive right up to the ramp to unload if it isn't crowded.
It's called the "hand launch"...Parking here is not free as it will be at the yacht club for the tournament. If you purchase something at the sportfishing pier (candy or soda) they will validate your ticket and it will only be $2 for 8 hrs.


As you can see from this photo...it's a pretty quick peddle out of the harbor and into open water.


The bait barge is just to the right around the break wall on the right side of this photo...


erickp 05-19-2017 02:42 PM

Thanks man

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