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bubbacee7 09-08-2018 05:18 PM

Fishinmike Scores
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Fishinmike and I made it out to SD Bay. We hit the road early enough to avoid the triathlon traffic. We got to the Shelter Island Yacht Basin before day break. Overcast and no breeze. Water was noticeably colder than last week. Water calm. Launched and trolled with no bites. Hit the lower range marker and caught a few. Lots of water movement so could not stay on one spot. Fishinmike was working just off the point of Shelter Island when I heard him laughing and hollering as if he had smoked a doobie. He summoned me to his spot but he had to wait because I had a spottie on each one of my rigs.

Fishinmike had scored. See the picture. Wind picked up at 10 and we were off the water by 1115.

Final Count:

Fishinmike - 16 spotties, 4 sandies, 1 big but.
Bubbacee7 - 15 spotties, 2 sandies, 1.5 tiny buts ( .5 eating a Lizzie that I caught on a sabiki)

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