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Harry Hill 06-18-2018 06:44 PM

Lake Perris 6/18
Got a real late start today, the water was already pretty choppy and a breeze was already up, 10:30 is really too late to start but we were there so we went fishing. Caught a few bluegill but the beds are empty so the fish have moved out. Tons of shad in the water with huge schools showing on the fish finder. Cooler today and the water was back down to 70 f. One one drift a huge carp played whale and breached right next to my kayak, completely out of the water. I was seeing some fish on the ff but I couldn't hold position in the wind. Lots of belly boats out today and a few yaks, not too many boats but the boats on the water kept the chop up along with the wind. I think the crawdads have moved into the bedding area as I kept getting my bait stole without getting bites. Now I am going to have to start a new search to find the fish.

My new rod and reel combo are great for very light fishing. I was casting the mealworm with a 1/8 ounce split shot about 50 feet. I just got some NED rigs so will try them next time but I may have to anchor to be able to hold position. I sure will be glad when I can get a peddle kayak.

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