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FISH11 04-08-2018 09:31 AM

LJ 4-7-18
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For about almost 5 months for me personally, it's been the least productive time fishing for large trophy fish at LJ. Trying to time the weather pattern because of high winds or surf over 3-4 foot or combination of both. Finally it turned out to be my turn again, hooked something very large in the earlier morning and between trying to get better situated on the deck adjusting the drag (because of the very hard pull early on) and trying to use my remote to turn on the Go Pro's. Then the line goes pop, I bring it in and the braid it cut. I had a 6+ feet of 40 lb fluorocarbon leader, swivel and it's cut above that, I'm guessing very large Thresher and provably cut it with his tail, this time I never saw it but I have had it happen before after seeing them. Finally around 1pm on the way back to the point from south at approx. 57' I hear what sounds like porpoises coming through, just not as loud. I reach for my camera to shoot some video and as I look to the west were the sound is coming from I see at about 25' from me a school of Yellows coming straight at me and at the same time my reel with the fly line greenback mac starts screaming and the fun is on. As I got it to color and could tell he was 25-30lb, I decided to release it so I had to play it longer to tire it more. Finally got it along side and pulled it up onto my lap, put a game clip on him, held it up for the Go Pro's and then revived it using the game clip I towed it a little while and let him go. A couple boat that were there came over afterwards and asked some questions the guys in the second boat could not believe I had released it. The fun was enjoying the day on the water the time the sun came out, of course some beers. Catching and releasing the yellow just made the day extra special. These are some frame stills from the video I just haven' had time to edit.

summers in kuwait 04-08-2018 09:48 AM

Yeah buddy!
Nice write up, pictures and release!

A well-deserved fish! Congrats!


YakDout 04-08-2018 10:05 AM

Pretty cool on the release mark. Its nice to have some fish, but if the freezer is full why not throw it back? After all, none of us are commercial fisherman, we do it for the sport. Reminds me when I go to Gonzaga and catch hundreds of fish including tons of yellowtail and release every one.

blitzburgh 04-08-2018 03:50 PM

Nice! Congrats! :cheers1:

LEEZO 04-08-2018 07:45 PM

nice hookup, Congratulations!

Croaker Dave 04-09-2018 12:20 AM

Great spring YT catch and release.:cheers:

JohnMckroidJr 04-09-2018 06:26 AM

Great Report ! Taking in the experience and CPR ! Nice still frame photos - live fish photos on the yak always trump dead fish photos on the beach.:yt:

monstahfish 04-09-2018 11:43 AM

Nice work Mark! I love seeing the big ones get released too. I saw them on the surface for a few fleeting seconds on friday but it wasn't my day. I only keep maybe 3 a year and people are often surprised when I let them go too.

JamesM 04-10-2018 09:39 AM

Congrats on the nice catch! Kudos on the release!

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