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Tim, I have been asking BWE members for any local knowledge on Mag Bay for a year. No one seems to know much, any input would help.
My plan for this trip is, spend New Years at our place in Gonzaga, on morning of 2 Jan 2017 I will leave my place at day light and drive thru CoCos corner to CHAPALA.b People can spent New years with me OR meet me at Chapala before 8 am on the 2nd. From there we book for Mag Bay. I would expect to fish Mag Bay area for a full week before coming back to San Diego. It would be nice to have youalong.

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I am in for the New Year's trip to Mag Bay. I've never been, but have wanted to for a while. I have fished the La Bocana and Coyote estuaries near Abreojos and has a blast.

How long are you thinking for this trip and what are the dates? 10-14 days? It's about 800-850mi from the border, so 2 long days to get there.

Let me know if you need any help planning. A place to stay or at least shower a couple of times in Mag Bay?

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