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April Fool's Day - 4/1/2018 - Yellowtail

Greetings all,

I had snuck out on Friday to try and find some ghosts and ended up loosing a nice fish in the kelp, on the yoyo (Tady - Mackerel Pattern). Spent the rest of the day sailing and messing around with some chunky calicos. Stoked to see Nick's solid fish!

Feeling the need for some redemption, I got the ok from the Mrs. for Sunday and launched to light wind and a flat ocean. With copious amounts of crab present, I started to look for bait. I made a couple greenbacks and then came across some larger dines. I see Kevin hooked up over yonder and I figured I would use the dines sooner than later, so I sent one down on the dropper loop.

Had the bait a couple cranks off the bottom (in ~75 ft) and then the reel starts screaming. Waited a couple seconds and finished reeling in the iron.

This fish was solid and had some good head shakes and didn't want to come up. Got the fish aboard, bled and gutted. Ended up being 36.5 lbs after bled, gutted and tail chopped.

Got some quality fillets and thick collars!

This fish had some shoulders!

Here is some video from that morning!



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