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MDR - 2/9/18

Hit MDR early on Friday. Launched to foggy conditions and going solo, so the reef was out of question.

...but the bite was there inside the marina. Spotties, Sandies, and Calicos were all using the low light as cover to chase bait. Lots of missed bites, but a handful landed as well. Not the size I'd prefer, but its still a great time on light gear.

3 short Calicos
5 short Spotties
2 short Sandies
1 legal Sandie
1 Mackrel

Rig of the day:
7' MH Okuma Helios, Quantum Smoke Inshore, 10lbs Trilene 100% Gold Box leader. Warbaits 3/8oz underspin with trimmed 4" trailer.

- KT

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