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2017 will probabally be my LAST year to HOST these trips, after that I will be happy to HELP others do it. The camp at Gonzaga will stay open for BWE member use. Looking for members to STEP up and keep this open for BWE and YOUR use.

Time to start the planing process for Jan through June 2017.
This is YOUR chance to set up a trip that conforms with your time schedule. If you have a proposed trip with dates please post here. If possible we will make it happen.

IF YOU do not post I will figure there is no INTEREST and not worry about it. If that happens I will post some of my trips before the end of the year, you are always welcome to join me.

29 April to 13 May. I plan on going to Kentucky this is a private trip and I hope to see Svendawg on this trip. In June I plan on doing the San Quintin Halibut Tourney again. Thanksgiving I hope to spend with Ross depending on his location. Christmas and New Years I will be doing the Mag Bay trip.

15-30 OCTOBER on the FLY will be split into two weeks so more can attend the best time for Baja. ALMOST HALF FULL.

NOW is the time for you to get your sh-t together for next year. You deserve a break, you work for it, plan it out and make it happen. Set up your own trip or join one of mine. Tight Lines.

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