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Another DP report 09-22

Yep, the wind was up at 10:30.

The bait was very nice, about the best it could be. Water temp down about 10 degrees from a week or so, 69. But the wind, the WIND!!!!

Got a late start, about 10am, got some bait and headed west as I heard there was a good bonito bite going on about a mile offshore and out towards the red buoy at the point trolling two rapalas. Never made it there, the farther out the stronger the wind and waves, which were breaking over the front pretty significantly. After two hours of pedaling, reaching trolling speeds of about 0.2 mph, I got about halfway there. With the front tub full of water and about 3 inches in the kayak I gave up and turned back for the harbor. Didn't even get to use a bait.
So long and thanks for all the fish...
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