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Night Knight Throw Down 21 June 2019

$25 per angler bring it with you on the 21st of June. Check in starts 4pm on the 21st. Fishing starts at 6pm and final weigh in will be at 7am the following morning. If interested post here. This will be a fun time. Your best 3 fish. points are 1 point per inch for Halibut and White sea bass. 1.5 points per inch for corvina, 2 points for Bass.

San Diego Bay, personal powered craft only. Sea SDKF for full details under EVENTS.

ONE Winner takes all.


George Escamilla
Robert Moore
Jason Tinling
Mark Berninger
Ryan Plummer
Matthew Heinemann
Derek VanVranken
Joshua Romero
Walter Clack
Jaime Velasco
Brandon Douglas Cross
David Easton
Erik Walker
Davis Cheaney
Dylan Scott Moore
Nick Boyd
Milke Lee

Pot currently stands at $475 if everyone shows up.

Home 760-630-4470
Cell 760-520-2514


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