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Ya shouldn't post second hand knowledge...if ya aint done it then stfu, its not dangerous if your smart about it just like any other place.

Most of the fishing grounds are too far out for a yak (yes I have done it, been there maybe over 75 times over the last 30 years) but launching out of la gringa and heading north along the shore can be very productive. Plan trip around moon phases, full moon brings high tides and heavy currents. Smith Island and coranditos island are very doable in a yak from la gringa and the gap between them can be smokin hot for yellows up to 60 lbs and big groupers too. The back side of Smith can be very good as well, very deep. Small roosters and yellows can be caught from shore at la gringa. Best bet is to do a panga...go see Rubin Daggett or ask around at Guermos for a super panga (good place to stay and eat also). I always stay a few nights at the Diaz hotel just because of the history.
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