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I hope to have more accurate information once I meet my friend next Saturday. I may even try to see him sooner.

Most probably it will be a minimum of one week. Perhaps ten days. Given the time spent for travel, setup, etc.

For now, below is information based on past, if memory serves:
The FMM (Mexican visa) is about $25.00 for more than eight days. Free for seven and less.
Mexican car insurance is needed. Mine was for about $500.00 per year. Shorter periods are available.
Mexican fishing license is about $40.00 for a year. Less days are available.
One hotel quoted me $75.00/night. There are more expensive ones in town.
Pangas can run about $300.00/day for a six-pack.
Food is reasonable.
Gas is similar to US, but it is in litters.
Dollar exchange runs about 18.00 Peso/0ne US depending on location currently.

Long after the cost is forgotten, the memories (good or bad) will linger on one’s mind.
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