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Aww man this is just too much! I would say I just reached "peak" rigging awesomeness on my 2015 Outback this spring after three seasons of really working on it.

I hate to move on from it but this new one looks pretty amazing.

A few concerns though:
  • I use mine as a fishing/expedition kayak, sometimes spending two to eight days with it camping.
  • The lack of a rear storage hatch and the shrinking of the front hatch does concern me because I basically fill my hull full of camping gear and everything I need.

I am wondering if that nice round molding in the rear tray is the perfect spot to cut into and put your own eight inch round hatch in? The problem however would be if there is even ample room below it to make much sense for storage...but any little bit helps.

I also installed some rod holders and other items through the hull on the rear on my 2015 and I could access those fittings to tighten down or do maintenance on from the rear even if storage was minimal, to be able to get an arm in there to thread on a nut etc would be nice.

The thought might be that with the rear hbars etc one might not need to add any custom holes or fittings in the rear...but cmon, customizing a kayak is like artwork, you know someone is going to do it!
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