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What Happened to the HOW Volunteers? WE NEED YOU!!!

Just wanted to pose a question....

What happened to all of the folks who used to volunteer regularly with Heroes on the Water?

We used to have many many volunteers from this group and now it seems that many of the people who were regulars last year and couple years ago are now MIA?

We have an event this Saturday 9/15 at Tidelands Park , and WE NEED HELP!! we would love to see you.

Even if you cant make it it to this event I would love some feedback from this group:

Is there something that changed in your mind that makes HOW not as appealing?

Is information about events difficult to find?

Are there too many events?

Do we need alternative locations?

Is the Eventbrite ticketing difficult to navigate?

Other Comments / Concerns?

I am soliciting honest and constructive feedback here so please feel free to add to the discussion in a positive or constructive manner. We want to be the best organization possible and to help as many veterans as possible. To do that we need to have enough experienced mentors to help with our events. we miss you and would love to see you!!


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