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Brothers Celebrating Birthday on SD Bay

Hello Fishing Family,

FishingMike and I celebrated my birthday by getting out on SD Bay this morning. We launched at about 6:20 am this morning from the Shelter Island Yacht Basin. There were no other Kayakers on the water that we could see. Sun was just coming up and it was a cool crisp morning. There was a lite bite to the chill in the water and no breeze. Still a great morning to get out.

Trolled out to the lower range marker with out one bite. Fished the shoal and hooked into a couple spotties and sandies. FishingMike and I spent the morning working from the Point of Shelter Island down to the beach area. Mostly fishing the deeper water. Saw probably 3-4 other fellow yak fishers. It was hot out especially without any breeze until about 11:30. AAT ghost shrimp worked extremely well. Caught about a dozen fish that were between 12-14 inches. Fished the bottom and spotties and Sandies hit hard. Suggest casting and letting it drop to the bottom. Slow reel up and in. Usually hit on first 4-7 cranks of the reel. This was what was successful for me. Sandies were really active today.

Have attached a picture of the lures that worked for me. AAT ghost shrimp was THE BEST. Also pictures of fish to demonstrate what my birthday was blessed with. FishingMike and I caught a little over 60 fish. Our count is below.

Fishing Mike: 1 Calico, 10 Spotties and 18 Sandies
Bubbacee7: 1 Mack, 1 Sculpin, 1, Calico, 12 Sandies, and 18 Spotties.

Great Birthday Fishing. Hope you all have a great day too.
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