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Originally Posted by AquaticHunter View Post
Check out the Cobra Marauder. It is super fast, handles great in big seas and small chop. It also has plenty of large scupper holes to get rid of the water in a hurry including 2 under the seat to keep you dry.

Plenty of room to store rods inside and the new ones come with a bait tank in front and a rudder.

To see it in action...

Good luck!

Thanks for all the great advise! I will do my research on all the models/brands mentioned before I pull the plug. I respect all you dudes and dudets for your great advise. I will let you know what kayak I get and show you my first big catches on it here real soon.

"Great pictures Aquatic Hunter!" Did you get that flounder on live or artificial?
Whats the biggest or meanest fighting fish you taken in your current kayak, and is the Cobra Maz. the one your using currently?

Thanks again!
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