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I'm a new member but I'm up to join the next WCW. After going through the past rules and this thread I thought of a couple more species

Black Sea Bass- Obviously it needs to be unhooked and released in a safe and timely manner but I also think that if you manage to reel one of these beasts in and a pic can be taken (preferably with fish at surface and not in a lap) and its of mature age why not count it. Since you cant get a satisfactory length or weight for scoring without removing the fish from the water just have a flat score, say 40pts per catch

Thresher- can have a similar scoring as seabass or something like 20pts for 75lbs plus 1pt per lb after that.

I do like the idea of adding stripers, calico and sand bass so far though
And I'm all for 3 different classes but thats probably cause Im inexperienced on a kayak
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