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Originally Posted by bus kid View Post
Dont hold your breath!!!
Whew... I was going to turn 40 on the 23rd! Gonna dodge that bullet.

So... (yes I know I new here) here is how we run our yearly tournament over at BOCA.

  • There are NO entry fees but you must be a Blackman owner to participate! Blackman Skippers must be current with their BOCA dues during the tournament ($25.00 annually) to compete.
  • No minimum weights other than all entries must comply with applicable California and/or Mexican fish and game regulations for size to qualify.
  • The boundaries will be opened up to include anywhere you can tow or pilot your boat with the trip starting and ending from your home port.
  • Time frame will be November 1, 2011 until October 31. 2012. Skippers can enter at any time but fish can only be submitted that are caught after the date the dues are paid and Skipper has officially entered the tournament
  • Points are earned based on the point system below. Only one fish from each category is counted at a time. Skippers may replace a previously submitted entry with a larger fish of the same species up until the end of the tournament. Total score is calculated by adding the points earned for each species. Skipper with the largest overall point total wins.
  • Points will be tracked on the BOCA Leader Board. Each Skipper will have his own page on the Bocapix site, which will display the qualifying pictures. Skippers will access their page by clicking on their name on the BOCA Leader Board
  • All fish caught or released on your boat (by any angler on board) will be credited to your boat.
  • Proof of catch and weight:
    • A photo of the fish (including the boat) to be submitted within 30 days of the catch. Photo will be posted and weight added to the Skippers total. Skipper is responsible for insuring his totals are updated correctly by monitoring the site and advising BOCA Board Admin of any errors as soon as possible
    • Weight - Preferred method is to weigh all fish on land with a quality scale unless practicing catch and release in which case weighing the fish on board is acceptable. Skippers are encouraged to calibrate their scales before the tournament starts and periodically throughout the season. All weights rounded to the nearest whole number with .5 being rounded up to the next whole number.
  • Marlin and sharks to have picture taken with fish at least at leader if being released.
  • *Wildcard entry, any fish not on the list, excluding skates, rays Molas or sharks.
Eligible Species:

Marlin 100 points max (would like to see a release)
Thresher Shark 50 points max (would like to see a release)
Mako Shark 50 points max (would like to see a release)
Swordfish 1 point per pound
Bigeye 1 point per pound
Yellowfin 2 points per pound
Bluefin 2 points per pound
Albacore 2 points per pound
Yellowtail 2 points per pound
White Seabass 2 points per pound
Dorado 3 points per pound
California Halibut 3 points per pound
Lingcod 4 points per pound
Rockcod (Sebates) 6 points per pound
Sandbass 7 points per pound
Calico Bass 7 points per pound
Wildcard 2 points per pound

So thems our rules.

Now here is how the year ended today:

So... again, just an FYI of how we do ours (yes I know I'm new here).
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