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Hey Jack,

Asking some more specific questions would help us guide you in the right direction. Fishing is very much about preference and application. People like fishing different rods and reels for the same application.

I personally have my lexa 300 paired with a 7' 6" 15-30 lb Shimano Teramar Medium Heavy fast action. Brand new one is under 200$ and they work pretty good. IMO its abit too stiff for calico but I prefer that because when I need a 20 lb setup for 12-15 lb tuna or yellowtail it still has enough backbone to get the job done. But it is a little to stiff to fling swim baits all day but where it looses in the cast-ability it makes up for it in being able to pull bigger calico out of the kelp where I do most of my fishing.

As far as live bait fishing that's a completely different setup. The sealine 30 will be better than 20 for line capacity and its a great kayak reel because its not that expensive. Fill that up with 50 lb spectra and 30 lb mono topshot. Slap that on a 7 foot 20-40/ 20-50/ or even 30-80 lb rod, stiffness is again going to be by preference. Just make sure the rod has some give not to pull the hook out of the fishes mouth when your pulling it in.

Hope that helps.
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