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Redondo 11.11.17

Launched at 9am expecting to meet a buddy who was supposed to bring water but buddy no-show.

Made it to the artificial reef for rockfish but nothing doing so headed out to the Palwan wreck for some bass and lings but again, nothing doing. Loaded up on macks and bonitas while i was there and headed back in along the beach for some halis takers.

After 7 hrs without water, headed back in to Ruby's to re-hydrate and grab a big, fat, greasy burger. Found out the burger was free for veterans in honor of veterans day and all of a suden the burger tasted awesome!

Launched again at 6pm with 3 hoops and didnt get my first keeper til 8 pm but after that, was averaging 4 shorts per pull and 1 keeper per set. Limited out on bugs along the outside of the wall but it was very hard work. Finished at a little after midnight after 16 hours and about 20 logged miles on the yak, according the my elite 7 ti.

My first report, second time out on my 2017 outback, and first lobsters of the season.

Lobster hooping on saturday, basketball hooping on sunday. Legs are fried!!!
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