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Sting of the WSB PA17T (pro angler 17t)

The Sting of the WSB PA17T

The window to go fishing has been plagued with terrible surf and wind from the four corners of the earth. The season is ripe to go White Sea Bass hunting... ocean water is warm and the fish are active.... The window to go kayak fishing has been short.... and viscious and plagued with high surf.

My schedule has been a bit hectic... due to spending alot more time with the kids... But i managed to get out for a bit Saturday night.

I unloaded my kayak from the trailer... i now use two kayak carts.... Just makes it easier to roll... to the car when im alone...just a big tougher to turn...

I head out into the open water in 3-5mph... the swell has calmed down alot this evening and i head out...

I believe i am the only soul in these open water... I finally arrive at the fishing grounds.. to find four boats diving for white sea bass.

I put my go to lure... the superman glow in the dark iron with some dead squid....

Not even 30 secs later.... im on ....

Fighting this fish for 20 mins...

then this story has been cut short... to be continued

Picture of my current Setup

the sting of the WSB



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