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2017 3rd Annual James Lebowitz Memorial Kayak Fishing Tournament

Sunday September 10th 2017

September 10th, 2017

Join us in this celebration of life and community.
This will be a day of remembrance, honoring a young man who's life was full of his family and friend's love and that love will live on forever.
All proceeds will be given to continue the James Lebowitz Computer Science Scholarship as well as Autism related causes

Paul, from last year:
From my family to all 70+ attendees of the 2nd Annual James Lebowitz Memorial, THANK YOU! As a community we raised over $4200 for autism related causes and the Cal Poly Pomona scholarship endowment named for James. I can't thank you enough for this precious gift. You're helping us keep our James' memory alive. That is priceless to us.
Awarding biggest fish over all as well as biggest yellowtail, white seabass, and halibut trophies. Kids fish for free with an adult, just e mail me their names prior to fishing.
All DFG rules apply, all fish must be unassisted catches, no motorized craft.

You may launch any time after midnight on September 10th from La Jolla Shores, final weigh in will be at Kellog Park, the lawn near the restrooms at La Jolla Shores. You must be in line with your fish prior to 1pm. Yanni of Fisherman's Belly will be will be cooking up fish burritos starting at noon, invite your family to join in this celebration.

Cost is $40, sign up by clicking on the "Buy now" button below.

Don Bell
Arne Rovell
John Pawlak
Dave Easton
John Ruiz
Jeff Gardner
Chris Fierro
Eric Noonan
Chau Nguyen
Greg Tsujiuchi
Kevin Nakada
Mark Randle
John Gugliotta
Colin Ziegler
Ken Atchison
Greg Barnicoat
Jim Salazar
Daniel Lopez
Ryan Moriarty
Rex McNamara
Scott Leoncini
Jeremie Chapin
Austin Lorber
Michael Duncan
Phil Ho
Nathan Ho (youth)
Randy Tharladson
Charles Wittenberg
Stevie Pinero
Manny Piceno
Tom Buckalew
Steven Green
Martin Harding
Morgan Promnitz
Jamar Kampf
Kevin Armenta
Robert Huynh
Regino Quizon
Todd Cook
Tim Stengel
Kurt Schindler
Jorge Villegas
Andrew Acevedo
Garland McNew
Brian Oberman
Mitchell Fromang
Chris Blevins
Gabriel Anuat
Shane Yellin
Robert Vallera
Tony Park
Mikey Rijavec
Daniel David
Mike Taconi
Kirk Davis
Richard Dahl


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