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Yes the yacht club is a private launch and we will have it to ourselves on Saturday the 10th. for our tournament.

We will have a shotgun start so everyone will need to be in front of the yacht club at 7am...and you need to check-in and get your shirt, marker, and Cedros Drawing Ticket and pay for the Big Fish Side Pot.

The alternate launch is from this area near the "Lagoon" swim area and behind the small break wall next to the small sportfishing pier. You can drive right up to the ramp to unload if it isn't crowded.
It's called the "hand launch"...Parking here is not free as it will be at the yacht club for the tournament. If you purchase something at the sportfishing pier (candy or soda) they will validate your ticket and it will only be $2 for 8 hrs.

As you can see from this's a pretty quick peddle out of the harbor and into open water.

The bait barge is just to the right around the break wall on the right side of this photo...

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