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Originally Posted by NICKWORN View Post
Nice redemption brother!! The kelp is thick out there now, seems the fish are proned to run straight for it now! It was around last year but nearly as thick and plentiful! Great job brother!!
Yeah I seem to loose at least one or two fish per year in the grass.
Now if I can connect on a biscuit...


Originally Posted by FISH11 View Post
Glad to see you were one of the lucky ones that day, Todd. Really nice fish with some girth. I saw some caught on the water, but it looks like more were caught than I thought. I have to keep trying to get out there as much as possible. I've become really annoyed that working is interfering with getting out to LJ as much as I want, given the weather patterns we keep getting. Ha Ha Ha! P.S. Love that reel, the one I have in the same color has been super productive and proved to be super capable even landing larger fish.
Thanks Mark!

I hear ya. Between work, kids and the weather, I haven't been able to get out as much as Id like. I've been pretty happy with my Avets. Bearings are a little thirsty, but so easy to breakdown and service plus they can handle some big fish.

Originally Posted by Dingokevin View Post
Great looking fish my friend.

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Thanks Kevin! Nice catching fish with you. We'll have to do again soon...
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