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Originally Posted by Amish Ed View Post
Looking forward to meeting you Kenny. Is this your first HOW event?
Likewise, Ed. Long time coming!

No, I've volunteered with SoCal chapter before, but prior to that I founded the AZ chapter and stood that one up. The pic I posted above was back in 2014 at one of our events at Canyon Lake in NE Phoenix. The gentleman in the picture was a Navy guy that had never fished before and didn't even know how to swim. I stayed with him the whole day and we just beat up the Largies in that lake. I will never, EVER forget the grin on that guys face when we called our shot, got the bite, and saw how big that fish was when he landed it.

Originally Posted by Amish Ed View Post
These days I always use an underspin. Last few trips to mission the best trailer was a 4" grub in clear/hologram and a 3" BPS Speed Shad in silver/black flake. I always throw 1/2oz underspins in the bays too.
Good to hear, thanks for the intel. That's pretty much my go-to as well in the bays. I underspin and dropshot the same basic patterns, but down size slightly on the D/S. One more power fishing, one more finesse. I'll also have jerk baits in tow as well if the macks start to get feisty. Super fun to catch on super sticky treble hooks.... LOL...
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