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Originally Posted by makobob View Post
Robert Moore aka Makobob

Baja trip update. I will be at Johnnys Shell Station in El Cajon at 3:45 am on the 20th. For those meeting there we LEAVE at 4 am sharp. We need to be at the AM/PM in Calixico at 5:45. From there it is cross the border, get FFM's and on into San Felipe for fuel and breakfast at Los Poblanos between 8-9 and then on into mako-ville arriving in camp around 11am.

Kai, AKA Baja_Traveler will be doing Pulled Pork in camp the first night. The weather patterns ARE NOT normal this year. The winds are higher at night this spring. Day time temps mid to high 80's. Daytime winds 5-8 Night time 10-12, so we should have no problems getting out.

Appears the yellowtail, and sierra are still going on the chew and the corvina too. Last week yellows were in the 10-15 pound range. Remember your sunscreen, and long sleeve clothing. No fun getting BURNT the first day of your trip. Tight Lines amigos.

The winds are trending west which makes for smooth seas. Been absolutely gorgeous for the last couple day. Bob is right. Lotta yellows. I'll leave you guys some dinner in the freezer [emoji51]

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