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Congratulations to the winners!

Congratulations to the winners!

First - James Butters, 41.32lbs
5k from Fishbrain / Crown Wine & Spirits
Second place - Brian Nelli, 31.32lbs
1k from Nautical Ventures and a Hobie Fishing Outback Kayak from “NV” Fishbrain Ring
Third place - @Tobias Castillo 30.10lbs
500.00 from Powercore Rods LLC & Hobie Revolution from ”Nautical Ventures”
4th place - Robinson Rodriguez, 28.88lbs
500.00 from PROYAKER
5th place - @Mike Reese, 26.56lbs
250.00 from Fishbrain
6th place - @Derrick Gunther, 22.26lbs
YETI Cooler
7th place - Mark Peterson, 22.16lbs
ProYaker Icy Catch bag worth $179
8th place - Richard Chavis, 19.96lbs
Free entry for any EKFT event worth $150
9th place - John McKroid Jr., 16.76lbs
$100 Crown Wine Spirits gift card
Kingfish Calcutta: $700, Mark Peterson
Blackfin Tuna Calcutta: $450, Brian Nelli
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