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Hey there, I’m new to this site but not new to fishing. I live in Oside and fish the artificial reefs quit often. If you buy the inshore map of Oceanside/ Dana point and put the gps coordinets in, it will put directly over the reefs. I mainly catch sand bass and calicos. I’ve caught many different types of rockfish and even a sculpin and halibut. Also it’s about a 2 mile paddle each direction. So if you new to kayak fishing in open ocean I recommend having a buddy and a vhf radio. Always wear your life jacket and bring more then enough fresh drinking water. Hope this helps and good luck!
Oh cool. Where do you get the map? Yeah I am going with a friend who has a PA and he's been kayaking a long time so he should be able to help me, but he mainly fishes in baja. What do you usually use out there?

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