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Brothers out on SD Bay Sept 2

Good evening fishing friends. My brother FishingMike and I got out on SD Bay today. We were at our launch point this morning by 545. It was foggy and warm. Kind of weather that reminds you of the importance of bringing your life jacket, a light, and a whistle. the water was warm and unlike other days fishing, there were three other yakers ready to hit the bay.

After launching trolled my crocodile and a 3 inch grub. Missed two hard hits. Left the Shelter Island Yacht basin and made my wat to the lower range marker. Lots of bait fish. On the way out picked up 2 small macks on on the troll. Stayed around the lower range marker because the fog was really thick. Really glad I brought my whistle. Number of boats cruising at fast speeds and had to blow a couple times just to make sure they knew I was out there. When the fog burned (8:30) off there was little to no breeze.

Caught several spotties around the lower range marker area. Two of them were foot longs. FishingMike called me over to his area as he just missed landing a keeper Hali. He was fishing near the Shelter Island Pier. Made my way towards him and landed 3 sandies. Made my way back south catching a couple more sandies and several more spotties. Last fish I caught was a 14 inch spottie with a fat belly. Let it go to multiply and provide us all with more opportunity.

Final Count:

Bubbacee - 2 macks, 11 spotties, 5 sandies
FishingMike - 7 sandies, 5 spotties, 1 calico, 1 mack

Fish well my friends.
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