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Kayak Hooping - Malibu 10-12-17

Thanks for the tips on the first time hooping off the kayak, Went out last night and took too long to rig up ended up having to launch in pitch black. Swell was intermittent 2-3Ft and tide was very low. Helped my buddy time his launch and then spend 30 minutes guessing on when to go in the dark. Guessed right and paddled hard until I was out of the break Zone.

Not a fan of guessing.

Dropped the drive in and got going. Decided to stay shallow and drop nets in 15 feet.

I gotta say, kayak hooping is probably not for me personally, I still prefer to skin dive for lobster. Kayak smells, everything gets dirty, its really cold but it was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had.

The bioluminescence was something out of book. It was everywhere, the bait was boiling and every fish looked like lasers in the water when they took off. I would paddle up to a school and the bioluminescent streaks looked like a screen saver in the water when they scattered.

The whole hoop would glow as it was being pulled up.

All in all, coolest time on the water and only 3 short lobster to show for it. Used salmon Heads and catfood for bait. May have to try one of the break walls next time.

Coming in was a bit nerve wrecking. Still couldn't see anything going in. Waited on the outside for 15 minutes getting an idea what the swell was doing. Decided to keep the drive in and pull it flat as I got shallow. Got some speed and kept going. Found a spot on the backside of a wave and came in smoothly. Lucky this time, but I didn't like guessing.

Notes for next time:
Dress warmer.
Bring one of those warmer packets or you hands.
Bring food to eat while you wait in between pulls
Launch before Sun down
Land on beach lit beach
Figure out how to capture bioluminescence on camera
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