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Originally Posted by kayakfisherman View Post
Favorite Ceviche Recipe? More than one, but top two come from
Venezuela and Peru (where ceviche was invented).

I love Venezuelan ceviche for one simple reason and that is Ketchup. It's so unusual but adds
the right amount to sweetness to offset any heat from hot peppers (and I love hot spicy foods)

Peruvian are crazy about their ceviche. It's as common there as hot dogs are for us.
The distinctive food in Peruvian ceviche is the Aji amarillo chili. It's bright orange,
hot and spicy--but fruity as well. Aji amarillo is used in Peruvian dishes, anything from
a rice flavoring, to sauces for meats or fish. But especially for Peruvian ceviche.
Actually, this sounds like a great vid-recipe for FishermansBelly.

Favorite Ceviche Fish? Has to be White Fish (funny I just caught a couple of those yesterday...)

Which fish makes for better grav-lox? Wahoo would make a better grav-lox than
Sierra. Here's why, wahoo fillets are thicker and would slice/present better than the much thinner fillets of Sierra.
When you mentioned Peruvian, the first thing that came to my mind was "Huacatay"!! It's kind of like a pesto, but tastes unbelievable! They also use the aji amarillo chili in that sauce for spice. I swear, I could put that sauce on just about ANYTHING and it would taste bomb. I always order the Lomo Saltado and put a ton of that sauce on it. You should make a Yellowtail Saltado (with home made huacatay)!
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