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2018 Mission Bay Classic Results

Most importantly we raised over $8000 in entry and raffle ticket sales. Eric N and the Geo Group have continued the tradition of adding a very generous $5000 to that total. That is over $13,000 in funding for the So Cal Chapter of Heroes On The Water.

We had 147 entries this year!

Top 3 in the bass division were awarded trophies and prizes and here are the total standings and weights

1st Danny Jones (repeat winner from last year!)
2nd Derwin Chang
3rd Brian Loydd (The Lifeguard Guy) one of the pioneers of old
4th Cameron Chang
5th Glenn Fraser
6th Johnny Bayard
7th Sheldon Lewis
8th Dave Easton

photos courtesy of Paul Lebowitz who was covering the event for WON.

Huge thanks to all those who participated in making this such a successful day. We will be planning for next year in mid April again!

Please don't forget the sponsors, if you won something drop them a thank you! Thanks to Steve, Chris, Troy, and Kurt on the weigh boats! Thanks to the HOW volunteers for cooking up that lunch and thanks to Coca Cola and Jorge for all the drinks. Tommy and Catalina Offshore gave us a great price break on the 40# of yellowtail. Thanks to my wife for helping me make the Baja Sauce and shopping for all the food and staying up late making all those brownies.
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