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No Halibut - but it was not for lack of trying! A bunch of us launched at 4am - some went out the jetty and turned left and some turned right. I started bounce balling at the Ingraham Street bridge and peddled 12.6 miles in total - took me all the way to Crystal pier just outside the surf zone, then out to the Yukon wreck then south varying between 100 feet of water to 60 feet of water. Then back in through the jetties where boat traffic and tons of seaweed forced me to reel it all in and give up.
Felt like a total failure peddling in, but felt much better when I learned that nobody caught a halibut in the division - even the guys drifting live bait.

Highlight of the day was watching a calf and mother grey whale with another escort pass in front of me just outside the jetties.

I'll try again next year though!
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