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Originally Posted by Mahigeer View Post
While it is fresh in my mind, I would like to remind the future visitors to the Campo Las Encantadas of the following:

There is a freezer in the camp (to keep your catch in it) that needs the generator to run for its electricity. The generator uses gasoline.
If you use Bob’s boat it uses gasoline.
If you use the Quad for your personal use, it uses gasoline.

If you use the great vacuum pack machine at the camp for your catch, it uses bags.
If you clean your fish, take showers, use the bathroom the water has to be bought.
Bob pays a yearly lease out of pocket in order to keep the camp at our disposal.
All of the above cost money.

Bob used to mention a $5.00 water fee, but he has not done so recently.

We should not take advantage of his generosity, because he does not say anything.

Therefore, please make sure that you do not forget to make a generous donation to the camp fund before you leave the camp.

Bob’s hospitality should not be taken for granted.

Thanks for reading and hopefully remembering. I will post this again when we get closer as a reminder.

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