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2017 GONZAGA on the FLY 2017

Originally Posted by domtesta27 View Post
Robert I will start working on getting mine as well, anything special I need to do in order to get it started? Would be great to be able to ride with you again.

Dom, google GOES, and the government website should come up with all info on what is needed. Make sure to enclose any prior arrests (not saying you have any) as they will find out but are not tolerant of liars. It is still possible to get a sentri with prior misdemeanor convictions as long as you are truthful in the application. Also, keep in mind once you are approved you will have to drive down to san ysidro for a face to face interview, which is no big deal besides time consuming. If you are gonna try to get one better start soon, as they are very busy. Could take most of the year to get approved and schedule an interview.

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