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Originally Posted by cobra View Post
Any new info on trips down there this or next month.
I have posts running on Gonzaga on the fly, for October, Asuncion, thanksgiving with Rossman in November and Mag Bay 26 December thru 7 Jan 2018. I have not set up any trips for 2018 yet.

So if you have a set of dates you want to be in camp, let me know and I will get set up, if you want a trip to a different location, let me know and will see what we can do.

Usually in October I will post the times I will be in Gonzaga and let the community know and you can sign up to follow me to paradise. I will also post trips to other destinations. San Quintin, Asuncion, Mag Bay and places in between like Canpo Rene, Abreajos, punta Quebrada, punta Eugenia, punts Baja, punta Final are areas I've been to in the lasr few years. Where do you want to plan a trip to? 2018 is open to suggestions NOW.

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