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Originally Posted by makobob View Post
I REALLY NEED your input.

12 people need to show up this year. Post if you are coming. If I do not have 12 or more people I will cancel this and just do Gonzaga for my birthday. Cost will be $25 to enter, paid in cash the night before the tourney. Longest halibut wins. I will be at Don Eddies the evening of the 23rd for you to pay up.

This is MY plan. 22 June go to San Quintin, 23 seafood party, 24 tourney, 25 June thru 4th July GONZAGA.

Without 10 confirmed people I will just go to Gonzaga on the 22nd and stay thru the 4th of July. Both ways I will host a seafood party on the 23rd. Tight Lines. Yes I will fish my SOLO for the tourney.
I'm in... already made my reservations at Molino Viejo.

Also, my wife Linsey as well as our friend Seva will be fishing in g the tournament, so there's 3.
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