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Originally Posted by chris138 View Post
I'm in... already made my reservations at Molino Viejo.

Also, my wife Linsey as well as our friend Seva will be fishing in g the tournament, so there's 3.
Nice! Only 7 more to go Bob. Good luck...

Guys in addition to halibut, the last two years there has been a lot of WSB caught on or near the 4th of July right in the bay. The hot ticket has been the 4 0z chrome crocs.

Fishing w George from KnM sport fishing I learned every stop he always had a 4 oz kroc in a rod holder sometimes solo or sometimes pinned w a squid or a mack he would just drop down and let sit. I got both WSB + Yellowtail 2 years in a row just for tossing out an extra rig in addition to whatever rig I was fishing.
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