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Originally Posted by GTboosted View Post
Yup. 30 freaking dollars lol

Luckily we managed to convince them to lower it but I doubt they can do that for us on the regular. all the years that i've been going to the Redondo hand launch I've found that if you drive through the parking lot entrance before 7am the gate is open and you can not get a parking ticket from the machine. As far as I know, the parking lot attendant does not go on duty until 7am and the hourly rates do not start until 7am.
With that in mind...your parking rate starts at 7am and is $2 hourly until you leave. So... if you get there at 5am and stay until 10:59am you should pay $8...or $2 an hour for 4 hours ( from 7am till 10:59am)
The $30 fee seems a little exorbitant...!
With all respect...I don't think this needs to be added to the petition...
I'm hoping to keep it simple and get the flat rate reinstated...
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