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I will add to the review

Originally Posted by SDROB View Post
Thanks for the review. It seems cool. Do you know how many running hours you get at around 3.5 miles an hour?

Updated.... A quick search and found the answer. It looks like the extra battery pack would be well worth it!
I picked up a PA 14 and right from the get go, I purchased the bixpy and an additional battery. Between the kayak and bixpy I spent a small fortune, but I got hooked up on lots of accessories and would like to thank Fast lane for one heck of hell deal. Always a pleasure Hayden. It looks like the information posted on the manufactures website is very accurate on running amps / hours of operation. I purchased the drop in mount which is probably what most guys are gonna use, and unless you are strictly harbor and or lake, this is what I would recommend. I used only one battery and switched out back and forth between drives during the day. Primarily I ran the motor at about half speed during most of day and still had a 2-3 green led's illuminated when I decided to head around corner. After a long day of paddling I decided to head in. I was easily, 2.5 miles out. I ran it wide open and was back inside in within about 30 min. The battery even had a little bit of juice left surprisingly. This unit blows away the torqueedo. Of course, we are talking about technology almost a decade newer. This motor is not for everyone, but if you want to get back inside or from 3 miles out in a hurry, it is more than capable. I can't say or speak about how it will affect fishing. I was trolling a live one behind me, but no takers. Needless to say, this season has been pretty tough. Hopefully the fish will not be spooked from the noise and I will post up when I have more definitive information. Hope the review is helpful.
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