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Originally Posted by makobob View Post
NOW please go to Mako-Ville on Facebook and request to become a member of this group. Thanks Arkadash.
I did visit, but did not like the political post about kneeling.

If it is a Baja/fishing site, then there should not be any political discussion, or posts.

Side note: During the first dinner at Cedros Island Magic Lodge, Jose the owner asks that guests to kindly refrain from political discussion at the lodge. Especially during meals.

Guests are there for fishing.

During my first trip, before this rule went to effect, another guest not knowing I am Persian said that the US should nuke Iran.

I kept my cool, since I was there for fishing. Later I discussed it with Jose.

I am not saying that my discussion was the reason, but I welcomed the suggestion very much.

I mentioned the above since it was asked.
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