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Recent news from Bahia Los Angeles

Recent news from Los Cabos

Recent news from Tijuana

Recent news from Rosarito

Recent news from La Paz

.... and in politics

Just a reminder that things are increasingly out of control down there and tourists with nice things are easy targets of opportunity.
The rule of law is more like the rule of leverage.

US State Dept travel warnings continue to get stronger, including for Baja CA

"In Baja California Sur... 232 slayings have been reported this year, nearly four times as many as during the same period last year."

Baja Leads Mexico For Murders in January 2018

Expanding Mexico Violence Hits Previously Peaceful Baja California Sur

Big fish eat little fish.

When there are no problems, there are no problems. When the proverbial S hits the fan, you are on your own. Solutions are not so easy.

Please be careful.
Another ho-hum day in Paradise

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