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Originally Posted by east county dirtbag View Post
Must be nice when you think you have a hard life only getting to fish 'once a week'
Hard life or hard fishing? Definitely worked hard my entire life. Cool cool, ECD...I don't know you and you don't know me but I've tried to fish every week pretty much my entire life. It doesn't take much money if you need it to be on the cheap, just the commitment. So when my 2nd daughter was born, the boat was sold and the fishing rods were put up in the rafters and the fishing pretty much stopped for 20 years. I'm now fishing every weekend again when weather and personal stuff doesn't conflict. And got the kayak thinking it wasn't going to cost me much at all...hahahahaha!!!! Hope you can make the same type of stress relieving hobby work for you once a week as well. Jim
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