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OK I'll bite....

I hoopnet a bunch and I made some gadgets for my FND for hoop netting.

Here's the general rig:

It consists of a lobster box in the rear, pedestal for electronics up front and a lighted boom with a block for pulling up the nets.

Here's the box it's held in by the straps of the seat and the clips.

It doubles as a net rack, here it is with one of my folding nets I made for it. (my nets are smaller then the Danielson and Promars but taller which makes them easier to pull from a kayak)

and it's got more then enough room to store a limit of bugs or for that matter my hoop floats.

The boom is pretty simple: It has a custom block that I made on the end.

It's lighted with red LEDS for sorting lobsters
Wiyth the red light you can see the bugs but it does not effect your night vision

The little pedestal gives me a place for my spot and GPS and or fishfinder.

The block lines up right with the edge of the yak so you can pull as hard as you want and it doesn't try to pull you over.

The Boom also pulls out of it's holder so you can store it under the deck when your not pulling nets. The pedestal itself comes out by just pulling a few nuts at the base, and a bolt.

I have a small pedestal that sits on the main hatch for fishing. I just switch out the rear storage for an oversized bait tank I made and I'm good for fishing Sardines all day for halibut in the bay.

The FND is no longer my Kayak of choice for most fishing unless I'm fishing local and want to carry a ton of bait but it's great for hooping. I've Hooped this setup for three years now and it's good enough for what I want to do with it. I can't think of anything I'd add or change on it.

It just makes hooping so much easier, and because of that I can hoop longer when the hooping is slow.....


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