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Originally Posted by jbl_91762 View Post
Wow nice catch! I was told there are big butt along the beach but me personally I don't feel comfy eating fish caught in LBC. I caught legal bass all day long a few weeks ago and let them all go. But if you both were cool with it, I'd love to learn from you 2, hell I'll treat to bfast or lunch to show my appreciation!
Thanks. Seriously, I was just very lucky. I actually don’t get to get on the water enough to be much of a mentor. There are however, lots of people on this site with way more expertise than me. I am always up for meeting new people though.

I also thought about the toxin levels in our local fish; especially the older ones like this butt. I figure that it will probably be ok if we don’t eat it more than a couple times a month. I have to recheck the recommendations as to what’s safe. I’m more concerned about how much my kid eats. Thanks for the reminder.
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