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The next Harbor Commission meetings are on Nov. 13th and Dec. 11.The meetings are at 6:30pm at the Redondo Beach Council Chambers, 415 Diamond Street, Redondo Beach, 415 Diamond Street, Redondo Beach, CA, 90277... This is down the hill from the high school and across the street from the McDonalds on PCH. The police department is in the same building. It's very close to King Harbor.

The December meeting might be a better one to shoot for...which will allow us to write a petition and get plenty of signatures on it to present with a group of SUP and kayakers on the 11th.

OK...who's expertise is in writing a petition...? I'll help you word it and cover the pertinent political and social issues.
One of Tony's thoughts was to take it to the business's he has listed and that you anglers frequent and get their signatures on there too.

Please PM me if you are serious about attending the meeting on Dec. 11th. and I'll start an email list to keep you informed.
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