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Baitless on Baja
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Beach camping Baja

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Beach camping Gonzaga from your vehicle.
by Makobob
For beach camping in Baja you need a vehicle to get you there. A 4X4 truck is best able to navigate the desert roads, soft sand and beach stones or gravel. A half ton appears better than the 3/4 to one ton trucks. They force you to pack lighter. In the soft Baja sand lighter is better.

camprtie lost
Over loaded for a trip to Asuncion beach camping

On the road again.
Asunción here we come, beach camping Baja

Traveling Baja roads you need low tire pressures for safe handling and FLOATING over the sand. Most frequently Baja travelers lower pressure. Start at 20# and go down to about 12# on soft power sand. These pressures will help keep you from getting buried, as long as you keep up the momentum. I try to keep my speed to between 5 and 35 mph. Sorry no racer here.

To keep your food and beverages cold is important. There are many ice chests out there, most work about the same if you use BLOCK ICE. This is the chest I use, it is Baja Tested and PASSED. I load 8, 10# blocks of ice, my meats for a week and a few drinks. If you use caution in keeping it out of the sun and open only when absolutely necessary. I get a whole week out of it.

You can extend your ice by cutting a piece of 2 inch foam sized to fit the inside of your cooler, slide it in before you close the lid. It takes up air space at the top and keeps everything cooler longer. Day 8 or nine only has COLD water, but it is good for your drinks. I never drain my cooler until it is time to go home. For this to work you need a smaller cooler just for drinks. You DO NOT want to open and close the big cooler too many times a day.

Camp cooking in Baja can be done many ways. A grill over the fire, propane camp stove, BBQ grill, or smoker all work. Choose your poison as they all add weight and convience to your camping. I love my GMG Davey Crockett smoker I've used it for two years in Baja and it is bomb proof.

Baja tested and APPROVED, it smokes, grills, and bakes. Pizzas, meats, eggs, baked goods all do great in it. The temp is set and it automatically keep it steady. I have never seen moore ten 5 degrees temp difference unless I open the top. I can use mine with a 2000 watt Honda generator or the 12v battery in my truck. Three years old bought used and ran the last two years. Never skips a beat, Passed my Baja testing with flying colors.

Sleeping well while camping in Baja is important. Some like a tent, others are happy sleeping in the bed of their truck. Others prefer a cot or camprite cot tent. All work well. Myself I prefer a 0 gravity chair. I set it outside under the beautiful Baja sky and fall asleep while counting satellites. Some of my friends like their hammocks, they work well and are great for a peaceful nights sleep. Life is good if you just live it, beach camping makes it even better.

Sleeping bags and blankets all work. But I have found another solution. Sleeping bags are HOT most nights. Blankets fall of my 0 gravity chair and I get cold. The guys using the hammocks use an under quilt to keep the wind off. They also use an over quilt. That is my new secret weapon for a great nights sleep. This product is GREAT, I love it because it can be used multiple ways.

Sleeping on the ground or back of the truck on a mattress is easy. Use it on a cot to replace your sleeping bag. In a hammock for which it was designed, or for me in my o gravity chair. The reason I love it is three-fold. It keeps me warm, and it is easy for an old man to use and has NO ZIPPERS to break.. You just slip your feet in and tuck it around yourself. EASY in and out for those nightly trips to the bathroom. I step in front of my chair, step my feet into it than sit down in my chair and tuck it around me.

What is missing? Truck, air pressure, cooking and sleeping all covered. I think we also need to discuss why we are here. For most of that means fishing and camping. Fishing gear can really load your truck down. Your kayak should fit in a rack. You can strap your rods to the rack or put them in the yak. We will have a future article on what tackle to bring along, for now just remember tha kastmasters and crocks. With them YOU will catch lot's of Baja fish.

Remember your safety gear and Baja specific clothing. Long sleeve shirts a must, sun screen and sun glasses too. A good hat and face shield or buff and shirts like the ninja 11 will keep the sun off. You will find a pair of sun gloves are always welcome. Bring aloe or something to releave sunburn just in case you forget to cover up. Sunburn can ruin a trip.

Going to Baja is an adventure, enjoy it. Expect to do a tire change in the middle of no where. Carry extra water for the radiator and a pump to inflate those tires. Travel with another vehicle if you can. MOST of all, look at the beauty all around you. Enjoy nature, listen to the surf and coyotes at night as you star gaze. LEARN to live life again, be alive and experience what nature has to offer. As a friend said "live the life you love or LOVE the life you live". Please take a minute to Subscribe to mako-ville, send me your tired and

Sunrise in Gonzaga
MY Paradise found by camping on this beach just one night

Sed me your worn out friends and together we can show them how to recharge their batteries. Tight Lines amigos.

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