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Great White 3 miles off La Jolla

Hey guys,

I figured I'd post this here for us to keep in mind if we are inclined to head out further than normal searching for pelagics this summer on our kayaks. Last year in September I was 7.5 miles off of Torrey Pines on the northwest edge of the canyon on my Pro Angler 14 and saw two sharks in the same day that were bigger than this one. Yesterday, I ran in to this one on the south edge of the canyon about 3 miles outside of La Jolla cove. If you're going to head out far please keep in mind that there are a few fluffys out there doing their thing, so take a shark shield, go with some buddies, or better yet take a big boat


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RIP doggo! Omnomnomnomnom

Cool thing to see in person. Nature is brutal!
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Those aren't guts, its left over rope from a lobster buoy.

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From your perspective in the boat, how do you identify it as a Great White, vs other sharks?


Sitting in a kayak with adrenalin pumping when anything the size of my kayak approaches me, numbers 1, 3 and 4 might look the same to me, more or less. #2 as well, if I can't see the head. And if the GW is a juvenile in the size range of smaller sharks, I would be less certain.

If we are in a kayak and want to avoid a kayak-sized shark we encounter, what's the procedure? I'm not the kind of guy who wants to pedal in closer for pictures.

Another ho-hum day in Paradise

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Baitless on Baja
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When you sight a great white you will know what it is. In So Cal if it is as long as your yak it is a white 99% of the time.

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Cool video. Interested in what kind of skiff you are on. Considering on getting one since it looks like my kayak days are over due to health issues.
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Ya I was out there solo....too Aug 1 and 2

IGlad I played it safe and stayed in a 100ft of water
When you can't find any mackerel it pays to have a small scope of sardines...the things a guy will go through to make a fresh pot of Yanni's soup....
It got ugly for me coming in. Came in backwards took two 5/6 footers over the top decided to hop off in chest high water ,had my kayak by the bow handle got pounded again ok pounded again not ok could not hang on...like Arnold says I'll be back...on my way to IMS...
It's only a yard sail when you part with stuff. The sinker is still in my bait rod.....
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Duke Mitchell

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Thanks for the info and video. Much appreciated.

Is that a Livingston catamaran skiff? I've had my eyes on them for some time but my hobie will do for now. Looks awesome. Fish on! Don't become bait.

I'm pretty sure sea world will try to rehabilitate the wounded animal for all of us!
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